Access: App Launcher Redirect Loop

So I have worked the last few months to get Argo Tunnel setup with my origin server. I have SSL setup to Full (Strict), and have no problems with the Argo Tunnel itself or my origin server (as my server logs indicate traffic isn’t even reaching the server).

The issue I’m running into is a constantly 302 redirect loop whenever I try to access any of my applications via the Access: App Launcher.

The loop is as follows:

This issue occurs for any app that I have setup with the App Launcher.

I have tried the different options listed in this article: but to no avail.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to what I have configured wrong or have failed to see to in the documentation? I can provide more info as requested.


The solution is to set the cookie policy of the Cloudflare Teams application to ‘Lax’. Otherwise, cookies aren’t sent when you click a link located on a page with a different hostname.