Access api error invalid_request

Trying to add a self hosted app, a server on my internal network. I added one before with no issues, just gave it a name, the local IP, and then when I get to rules I leave them as is since they are auto generated and then I get this error when saving:

Error configuring your application: Access api error invalid_request: gateway: invalid gateway policy

I only have 1 network rule, I do have DNS and HTTP rules, but without logs or anything useful I have no idea why its giving me this error. Rules are simple, the defaults generated, allow the IP and corresponding port. Any help as to why I cannot add a self hosted app due to the error above would be great!

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I am seeing the same error message with the Private Network setup. No applications or tunnels defined yet, and DNS hosts have not been created. Only Access Groups are defined. I have been testing for the past few weeks, so applications and tunnels have been created and deleted dozens of times. Seems like something finally broke.

There was a thread from a few weeks ago where several users were seeing the same error message. It looked like ther was a support ticket created, but the solution was not shared in the thread. Any help is appreciated.

Ok so it turned out I had a step out of order during the setup. If I do the ‘cloudflared login’ step, and then create a tunnel, I can then proceed to the “Private Network” setup. The error message is a bit vague, but the setup process does require some of the steps to be in order. In this case it looks like you cannot define an application ahead of time: the tunnel has to be defined first.