Access a basic HTML file?


I added an HTML file to my domain, however I can’t view it in a browser.

The domain is

The file is the Unsubscribe file used with my emailing:

Because the Root Domain is behind Cloudflare, the Unsubscribe file fails to be seen with a Browser.

What do I need to Add or Fix in order for this to work?


Appears to load fine

What exactly is the issue?

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That’s very odd that it now works.
Yesterday it didn’t, as the viewer was automatically kicked back to the root domain, not showing the page.
Another test page was and it now works also.
This is extremely weird. I had Hostgator look at the issue I was having and even they couldn’t get the pages to view normally, which they had NO answers.

Did you recently change your IP address from one that ends in 98 to one that ends in 62? The former one shows the very exact behaviour you described.

On an unrelated note, the 98 address doesnt have HTTPS configured at all, though as you seem to use the 62 one that shouldnt matter too much, however the certificate on the 62 one does not cover your naked domain or (if applicable) the “www” record. So your SSL mode on Cloudflare can only be Full and not the more secure Full strict :slight_smile:

I changed it to FULL, not FULL (Strict)

Thats what I meant. It should be Full strict, but you’d need a valid certificate on your server for that.

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