Access 2 different tunnels from one endpoint

Hi there,

On my laptop I sometimes need to connect to my own cloudflare tunnel to access resources that reside at home.

But for the office i am also about to provide a zerotrust tunnel to allow employees access to some resources in our cloud.

How can i do this with WARP? It appears to only serve one zero-trust access per installation?


Hi @willem.visscher

You can create an additional tunnel to connect your employees to your Cloud resources. Just make sure to use Access policies to restrict who can access which tunnels. Please reference Create a remotely-managed tunnel (dashboard) ยท Cloudflare Zero Trust docs for instructions on how to add a tunnel.

Hi @bujangnim

Thanks for your reply. I guess what you are saying is that I can register/auth the client I have currently installed both on the corporate tunnel(s) as well as on my private tunnel and Cloudflare account?

How would it deal with if the subnets overlap? I guess I would need to make sure any connected network is using unique ip-ranges in order not to confuse the routes?