Accepting traffic only through VPN

Is there a way to force users visiting my site, to have their traffic go through the VPN first (the service)?

I can’t think of any reliable way to do this. Why do you want to implement such a restriction?

Illegal torrenting, you must have a way to proxy them for legal protection/bypass. For example, seems to be hosted on Cloudflare, which leads me to ask myself the difference between a VPN and proxy.

I haven’t read the TOS. Torrenting isn’t necessarily illegal, which also begs the question that if I claim my site to be illegal breaks the TOS? I read articles about terrorist sites using cloudflare to remain unblocked too.

So this is clearly doable, considering the website is advertising itself as proxy, and it uses Cloudflare according to analytics ( Any takers, I’d like to believe he’s just using some product of yours.

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