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I’m investigating possible CDN solutions for one of our websites.

Currently, we use Cloudflare for the entire site. On our current Cloudflare plan, we’re not able to selectively purge assets. Since 85% of the images on the site are never updated (about 3000 small product images), this is proving inefficient.

So we’ve looked at storage buckets such as (Digital Ocean) DO spaces to store images that won’t ever be updated. With DO spaces, their CDN doesn’t offer http2 or 3, so the speed and efficiency for pages with more than 10 images would be compromised. Cloudflare DNS offers HTTP 2/3 and a better SSL system, so we looked into using that to connect to the DO space. Tested and all works fine.

My question:
Is it OK to use Cloudflare for a domain that effectively only stores images - albeit for another website that is also on Cloudflare?

Section 2.8 of the Cloudflare AUP seems unclear Self-Serve Subscription Agreement | Cloudflare UK.

We do have paid workers set up for edge caching, which seems to satisfy the “supplemental terms” Supplemental Terms | Cloudflare UK

I’d appreciate some feedback before we decide whether or not to go live with this.

That’s risky, as logs won’t provide an accurate picture of what you’re really doing. Why not run it through a subdomain of the site that’s using those images?

Because presumably, if a “purge all” command is sent, then all the images would be purged?

Oh, right. You did mention that.

You’ve certainly got a legitimate use case, but can be a problem if they zero in on that particular domain’s traffic. I doubt they’d notice because 3000 small images really isn’t much. I don’t think the Workers ToS really applies here, as it’s just the same caching as what non-Workers uses.

If you moved forward with this, there may come a time when you have to defend its use. You might want to consider using a traditional CDN instead, as that’s specifically the behavior you’re requesting.

You need to get confirmation from Cloudflare directly on the AUP, as the community is just guessing, and the last thing we want is for your asset domain to get banned.

My best guess is that if the asset domain is on the same account as the primary domain, it will be pretty obvious to Cloudflare what you are doing, especially if the naming convention of the asset domain makes the relationship clear ( and for example). Purge Everything is within a zone (so purge everything on will not purge

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Thanks - I’ve submitted a support ticket to Cloudflare.

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