Accelerated Mobile Links question



We have optimised our site, Hugh’s Report, to be under 300kb and 20 requests maximum for first load on any page. Our future goal is to be under 250kb.

Is there any advantage for us to enable AMP? We already cached HTML on the edge and are using page rules for dynamic pages.

I have a feeling that AMP will break a lot of the functionality we have added to the site.


AML (Cloudflare’s AMP feature called Accelerated Mobile Links) is ultimately just caching HTML in Cloudflare’s AMP cache (very similar to a Cache Everything Page Rule but with one big difference) so you won’t see much of a performance benefit compared to Cache Everything. The BIG difference is that AML is built for externally linked pages to your site and is only used for mobile visitors. For instance say you want to link to an external news article that is AMP enabled. When you link to it on your Cloudflare enabled site and enable the AML feature for your domain, automatically that external page will be cached and served from Cloudflare servers instead of from the external site itself. This dramatically reduces the load time for your mobile visitors as the page is served by Cloudflare. AMP is also very helpful with SEO as well as a variety of other things outlined in the articles below.

There are also a few Cloudflare support articles that explain AML:


Thank you for the reply. Will AMP break jquery functions we’ve added to our site?


Accelerated Mobile Links (AML) only adds a viewer. When a mobile user taps on an external link to AMP content, it will open in the viewer on your domain instead. It otherwise doesn’t change the content on your site.

The AML viewer shouldn’t affect your custom JavaScript, but there’s always the possibility. Disabling it in the unlikely scenario it does is just a click away in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

If instead you want Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your own content, you’ll have to develop it on your own (or use a plugin for your CMS, if that’s an option).


Ok thank you for clarifying that. I have reread everything said and now it makes sense.