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Hi there!

Someone is 301-redirecting a bad domain which is configured at Cloudflare to our company website. They most likely used page rules for the redirect.

I contacted the Cloudflare support team many times already. They however keep sending me to the wrong hosting company and refuse to take appropriate action. Also, the whois information for the bad domain is not valid, so I can’t really get anywhere.

The redirect is configured at Cloudflare’s end, not at some hosting company. Is there anyone who can help me?


Did you contact the abuse team?

[email protected]

You can also try to contact the registry.

I am not an Apache king but maybe
You can “defend” yourself a bit with one of these:



Thanks for your reply! Yes I contacted the abuse team, without any luck thus far. I also contacted the registry but it takes ages for them to respond and it is quite urgent.

The article you mention will indeed help to block traffic. My concern however are Googlebots, they will see the redirect before they reach my server/domain where the block would occur. The result might be a drop in our rankings.


I see.
I’ve no SEO knowledge but I did a short research and found a number of SEO blogs saying that a 301 has no impact on website rankings. Even Matt Cutts from Google was quoted, saying that there will be no impact.

Here’s the video.
Again I know absolutely nothing about SEO and I may have understood this wrong…

Cloudflare + Redirect + SEO

Thanks! The opinions are divided about the impact. However, I would still like Cloudflare to address this, I’m trying to run a business and this could turn out very bad.

Thanks again for your replies!


Of course, it has to be addressed!

Maybe @ryan can have a look into this.


Do you have a support ticket number or abuse case number I can reference?


Thank you for replying! The ticket number is 1364501.


You will find a more detailed description of the situation at 8b3b7b9e8575e407, not sure if you can use this number as well.

Thanks again!


@ryan, have you been able to look into this yet?


I finally had contact with their registry but they are telling me that they’re not allowed to change/remove A-records for registrants. They can only forward the abuse complaint. I’m pretty sure that the owner of the domain will not respond.

My only hope is Cloudflare at this point…

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