Abuse site with phishing


Hello. This is site with phishing vk [.] com: http://usvotez [.] ru/petitions/index.php?id=880752. nservers of this site is brad [.] ns [.] cloudflare [.]com and mia[.]ns[.]cloudflare[.]com. When I send report on https://www.cloudflare[.]com/abuse/form I see this error: “A URL contains a domain that is not active on CloudFlare: usvotez [.] ru”. Can you say me, how to send report on this site?

Sorry for bad english and [].


This site is not hosted behind CloudFlare.

Contact the host provider.
If you’re not familiar with Linux


First run nslookup on the domain, it will return an IP. The run a whois on that ip address.

It will return the necessary data


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