Abuse reports being ignored by Cloudflare

We have submitted abuse reports to Cloudflare concerning websites that are used for criminal activities (phishing, sale of counterfeited products). An IP masking service from Cloudflare is activated on these websites. Therefore we cannot see the actual IP addresses of the servers that host these websites, thus we cannot determine who the actual webhosting provider is. We need to send takedown notices to the concerned provider.

We submitted abuse reports to Cloudflare, in order to obtain the underlying providers’ contact details but we did not receive any reply apart from autorepies with the tracking numbers (which means that our reports arrived in Cloudflare’s system).

Here are some of the tracking numbers we received:

Why has Cloudflare not responded so far and allowed the criminals to continue their activities?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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The Cloudflare community cannot help with abuse reports. You have submitted them to the correct location.


With all due respect, I didn’t create that post to receive such a useless reply. Of course I submitted them to the correct location. I’m not stupid!
If you really want to be helpful, please let a Cloudflare staff member answer to my question.



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will tell you the same thing that @cscharff already did. They will also direct you to the following page which explains that you are unlikely to receive any response beyond acknowledgement of receipt.


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