Abuse Reporting Forms Broken

I am currently trying to file an abuse and trademark infringement report with the Cloudflare Trust and Safety team, which has the reporting form located at https://abuse.cloudflare.com/. For over two weeks now, I have attempted repeatedly to submit both phishing reports, and trademark and intellectual property infringement notices, and only received “Your session has expired” notifications, or “An unknown error has occurred and has been logged. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.” alerts when I have clicked the submit button.

The second image is available at https://global.discourse-cdn.com/cloudflare/original/3X/8/3/83506ad609dba9c68f50b4e8f45e744797163d07.png since the website wouldn’t let me embed both of the images within the post due to my account creation just prior to making this post.

Please provide a point of contact who can address the issue directly, or advise next steps, so that my client can avoid initiating legal action. Additional details can be provided via direct messages as needed.
Thank you.

What is the domain, I am attempting to reproduce this

Sent you one to collect details there if you like

I adjusted that so that you won’t hit that error

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