Abuse Report

Hi, I am the President of an association registered with a notary in Turin (Italy). The purpose of the association is to award a prize for an important International Film Festival (Torino Film Festival). The association had a website (address:chiccarichelmy.org) which was renewed until 28 August 2018.
We have learned that the name <chiccarichelmy.org> has been purchased and is used for the distribution of pornographic videos. The site reports on the first page “ASSOCIAZIONE CHICCA RICHELMY” (in Italian).
As ASSOCIAZIONE CHICCA RICHELMY we feel seriously damaged by the use of the name of our association in that kind of site, and being the hosting provider Cloudflare.COM
I ask what actions can be done to:

  1. obscure the pornographic contents of the site
  2. prohibit the use of the name of the association
  3. modify the TDL and not allow the use of .org

I hope to find answers to my questions.

Gianpaolo Aghemo

Cloudflare is not the hosting provider, not even the registrar.

Personally I believe you will only have a case if that name is a registered trademark and you can prove bad faith, which might be tricky.

Anyhow, the community is not the right place for this and you should go over to Abuse approach - Cloudflare


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