Abuse Report: Phishing (https://cartbag.xyz) / (https://festivesales.xyz)

Website: cartbag[.]xyz / festivesales[.]xyz
fraudsters create a genuine looking website of some known brand flipkart[.]com and offer cheap products. They induce the unsuspecting customer to pay online and once the payment is done, the customer never gets the ordered product. Please take down this site.

TAKE DOWN THIS SITE - cartbag[.]xyz / festivesales[.]xyz

There is nothing anyone in the community can do about this. You can report abuse to Cloudflare at abuse.cloudflare.com.

The first site you list isn’t using Cloudflare’s proxy, so you can go straight to the real host in that case.

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i have done many time sir but still not take down this site

As I said abuse reports take time. I don’t know why my response was hidden as it’s correct.

Paying for a plan on Cloudflare will get them taken down quicker as paid accounts get priority.

Abuse tickets do not have priority on a per plan level.

Results are not immediate. If you feel there is an urgent need, then please contact law enforcement. There is nothing else this community can do.



I usually get faster responses to abuse tickets and I have a plan. You
can’t make tickets with a free account as it redirects you to here.

Abuse tickets aren’t processed on a pay to play basis. Anyone can create an abuse report regardless of whether or not you have an account on Cloudflare.


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Right so you need to report this to the company which hosts the websites in question. Based on the reply from Cloudflare’s Trust and Safety teams the IPs of those websites point elsewhere, so they are not able to action the report.

Domain Registrar Showing Cloudflare

Domain registration does not equate to site hosting. There are laws, policies and procedures in place for dealing with fraud/takedown requests. You need to communicate with the site hosting the content, an attorney or law enforcement in your jurisdiction.

i tired to find which hosting the person using can you please tell me how to check hosting provider?

If you believe the results are in error you should reply back to the trust and safety team. There is insufficient detail in the response for anyone in the community to offer guidance. The trust and safety team at Cloudflare is responsible for their investigation and response.

Their current backend for the Cloudflare hosted domain is
You can report them to WorldStream

thank you report has been done :slight_smile:

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