Abuse form submission

I seem to be having an issue when submitting a DMCA copyright abuse form for this website {redacted}

I searched whois and it showed cloudfare was their host provider. I can’t get into contact with the website owner, and I wanted to submit an abuse form to cloudfare, but an error message states " ERROR A URL contains a domain that is not active on CloudFlare: {redacted}

I’m looking to see if there is any hope in trying to find a way to get some content on their site removed as some of the content was posted without permission.

Cloudflare is not a host.

That is accurate. That domain uses Cloudflare’s nameservers but not the proxies, so Cloudflare is not involved. You need to forward your complaint to the owner of that IP address. The right email address would be [email protected].

Considering it is a Dutch host you’d need to follow the Dutch procedures, DMCA won’t help much.


NSFW btw


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