Absent Support: Pro Plan Upgrade Issue - Paid Invoice but account not upgraded

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’m writing to seek urgent help regarding an issue I have been experiencing with my Cloudflare account upgrade to the Pro plan.

Summary of the Issue:

  • Date of Purchase: May 10, 2024
  • Plan: Pro Plan (Annual, $240)
  • Error Encountered: Internal Server Error (Code: 1000)
  • Invoice Status: Paid (charge reflected in my bank statement)
  • Account Status: Not upgraded to Pro plan

Detailed Description:

On May 10, 2024, I attempted to upgrade my Cloudflare account from the free plan to the Pro plan. After clicking the “Purchase” button, I encountered an internal server error with the code 1000. Despite this error, the invoice on my billing page shows that the payment was successfully processed, and my bank statement confirms the charge. However, my account has not been upgraded to the Pro plan, and I am still seeing the limitations of the free plan.

Steps Taken So Far:

  1. Raised a Support Ticket: Immediately after encountering the error, I raised a support ticket (Id #3257216) with Cloudflare.
  2. Received Automated Response: Initially, I received a single automated response that did not address my issue.
  3. Followed Up Multiple Times: I have followed up several times over the past 19 days without receiving any response at all.
  4. Escalated the Ticket: I increased the priority of my ticket to urgent over 11 days ago, but still have not received any assistance.
  5. Attempted to Contact Support Hotlines: I have unsuccessfully tried to reach out to Cloudflare support hotlines.
  6. Contacted Cloudflare Sales Team: I have also reached out to the Cloudflare sales team without success.
  7. Contacted My Bank: I have today finally informed my bank about the issue and noted that the service was not provided.

Urgency and Next Steps:

The lack of any support from Cloudflare has been extremely frustrating. To prevent my account from being unduly terminated, I am allowing some more time for Cloudflare to respond and resolve this issue. However, there is a limit of 6 weeks since the purchase for me to dispute the charge without additional troubles on my side. The final deadline, as suggested by my bank is June 21, 2024. If the issue is not resolved by this date, I will have no choice but to dispute the charge and seek a refund.

If Cloudflare decides to ban my account after charging back, I will consider legal action against Cloudflare.

Possible Solutions:

To resolve this issue, I will accept the following solutions:

  1. Provide me with a full refund for the invoice number noted in my support ticket #3257216.
  2. Upgrade my account to the Pro plan as I have paid for it, resolve any internal errors causing this issue, and receive confirmation and compensation for the inability to use the service.


This whole experience and the absence of any support have made me reconsider my decision to invest further in Cloudflare. I am now strongly considering moving all of my sites away from Cloudflare.

I hope someone from the community or a Cloudflare representative can assist me in resolving this issue promptly.

I also sincerely hope steps are taken to improve the support situation, so issues like these cannot go seemingly indefinitely unnoticed.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

Kind regards

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