Above the fold render blocking CF- CDN Fontewesome CSS file


Google Insights shows me that on my nicohoheisel.ch website the following file is render blocking above the fold: https://cdnjs.Cloudflare.com/…t-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css

I actually use only 2 fontawesome icons, phone and mail ones, in the footer and contact page and wanted to get rid of this above the fold render blocking issue with it.

Any help?



Unfortunately unless you have FontAwesome 5 Pro that gives you the option to use directly the SVG you can’t drop that…

You could change icon provider.


What other provider would you evtl suggest?

Can’t I place this file at the bottom of the HTML file?

Or how do I disable it, possible from my host as it is written that it comes from Cloudflare this CSS file?



There are may free icons online, I usually use FontAwesome, but have the 5 Pro version which is JS and I can minify/reduce to the icons I need.

I would read this:

Two alternatives are removing it from the HTML, including of course all the references to the icons or maybe do a Server-Push via HTTP/2.

You should also consider that the file is highly cached, it would maybe be an issue on the first page visit, but subsequent, would have it already in cache. It may be even already cached by a different website.

Not everything on those speed evaluations must be taken as law though. It may not be an issue, like in this case. It is bigger than needed, but you cannot do anything about it.

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