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Hello, I want to inquire about a question I have, which is important for a project I’m working on.
Regarding Cloudflare Pages.
I’m working on a project where the domain doesn’t matter, so I wouldn’t purchase a domain but instead upload the site directly to “pages” using xxxxxxx.pages.dev.
My question is, how long do pages.dev names last? Because I can’t use something that might disappear in a year or two since the entire project will rely on files hosted on xxxxxxx.pages.dev… and if xxxxxxx.pages.dev disappears, everything collapses instantly.
Is the validity of a xxxxxxx.pages.dev domain forever and free of charge?

These hostnames do not expire per se, but would you have a guarantee? No.

If you want something, where you can have at least some confidence, then I’d strongly recommend to get a domain from a well-established TLD and use that instead. Even those are basically just leased but as long as there is no legal dispute, it should be pretty much guaranteed to stay under your control.

If you really do not want a domain, then you can certainly use a pages.dev hostname and - as mentioned - they currently do not expire but stay associated with your account. But keep in mind, Cloudflare may change the terms at any point, may charge for it, or may even drop or change the service altogether. With such a hostname, you can’t even move your service for example.

Personal advice, get a domain :slight_smile:


Of course, I understand perfectly.

The thing is, I sell “scripts”… the system I have created… to work on my clients’ hosting, it requires domain validation on xxxxx.pages.dev, and it works perfectly! But the doubt is precisely whether pages.dev will continue in the future or not… and not just for one year, because if it disappears, all the systems of all my clients will go down. That’s why the name can be anything… it doesn’t really matter since it is for internal verification/control of domains and not to be “visited”.

I haven’t commercialized the scripts that will come with control yet. So I will see what I do…

I understood your point perfectly, and I appreciate your response.

I understand, but especially if the domain does not matter, just register a random .com domain.


BTW, there are cheaper TLDs than .com on Cloudflare, such as .co.uk (I think this is the cheapest currently).

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