About websocket performance

Will different PLAN have different performance WEBSOCKET connection quality?

The answer is nope. But I’ve relayed the feedback so people are aware.

Because there has been a websocket connection problem
So would like to know about it
Thanks for your answer~^^

Hope that didn’t seem too blunt. Didn’t mean it that way. :grin:

In fact the problem is as follows
But there is no solution yet:rofl:

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a websockets real-time game.
So websockets latency between server & client is very important.

I’m facing an issue: when the traffic goes trough Cloudflare, the ping is about 40ms with some spikes to 130ms and even more.
But when I connect directly to my server, the ping stays at 6ms and remains stable.

I tested it with some people, and the issue is common to everyone.
I got the PRO plan and I would like to know if having the business one would change something ?

Is someone facing the same issue ?