About "Warp" App

Hi guys, I have a little question.

Warp block “account takeovers”, “trackers” and “annoying ads”?
Like “Fyde Mobile Security & Access App”?

Wich one u think is better for iOS device?

I do not know the app you mention, but Cloudflare’s Warp app isn’t blocking anything, it’s simply a means to protect the traffic between your device and Cloudflare’s servers blocking the ability of ISPs to log or alter it. There is also some limited or less limited depending on network conditions speed improvement especially in some situations.

So, Warp App is the same thing to add and dns manually to my phone?

That is Fyde App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fyde-mobile-security-access/id1327912022

Warp use DNS over HTTPS, Fyde nope.

But Fyde block “account takeovers”, “trackers” and “annoying ads”, but it doesn’t use DNS over HTTPS.

At the moment it’s via DoH. It will become a full-fledged VPN app (won’t let you change location, simply isolate from the current ISP + Wi-Fi, etc.).

They can’t exactly do that, without intercepting and modifying your DNS queries and traffic. I wouldn’t trust it myself, but as I said, I do not know them, can’t really talk about it.

thanks, I will use Warp and Cloudflare DNS + Adguard for block trackers and ads, is a better option.

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