About WAF rules


I implemented a R2 storage, connected with a domaine and I’m using WAF rules for block certain countries like USA, JAPAN, Rusia, China and Singapoure, but I see the WAF rule doesn’t block all IPs from those countries, I mean certain IP from that country is Blocked but still other IPs in the same countries (USA, JAPAN, Rusia, China and Singapoure) doens’t blocked.

Even, I tried to set a WAF rule to block all the country except my country (test) but still those countries (some IPs) can make a request to my domaine, really don’t understand.

I’m not sure it’s normal that WAF rules can’t block all the IPs from the countries selected or maybe I’m doing something wrong ?

Thank for your time

Ci-joint some images

Few things to note:

  1. The analytics show the data for ALL traffic, whether it was blocked or not, it will be displayed on the dashboard analytics.
  2. You are blocking all traffic that isn’t in peru, thats why only your first rule is the only one taking effect. it blocks requests and thus, the other waf rules are not evaluated.

Overall it seems like the waf is working as expected.


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