About WAF rate limit

Hi all,

I’m using free plan and I have 1 rate limit rules

I have 2 domain, domain A and domain B

domain A , I don’t need rate limit, but it have 1 rate limit rules quota I can create

domain B, I need rate limit protect, but I don’t have any rules quota (0 rules) let me create

my question is

can I move domain A rate limit quota to domain B?

or domain A rate limit rules already cover to domain B?

because, I search the data, I’ve found that,


Cloudflare Rate Limiting automatically identifies and mitigates excessive request rates for specific URLs or for an entire domain

it seems the rate limit rules created from domain A, it just for domain A only

thanks for help first.

Hello there,

That’s just specific to that domain only.

Well, it doesn’t.

That’s correct.
In addition, you can read the latest blog on what it offers more at this time:

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