About WAF, Page Rules pricing

I am currently using only the Pages & Worker services as paid services from Cloudflare. However, I am interested in using two features for my website, as shown in the attached photo: ‘WAF - block traffic from some countries’ and ‘Page Rules - naked to www’. Will there be additional charges for using these two options?

In general, if you try to do something in the Cloudflare dashboard that will require a paid account, it will tell you that you need to upgrade your account first. There is no surprise billing, no bait-and-switch forced upgrade. If you have a free account and you try to enable some paid feature you’ll be asked to pay first.

Blocking by country is available to free accounts, and free accounts have access to 3 free Page Rules.

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Redirects have a new option that is preferable to Page Rules. Take a look at the first example.