About using the cloudflare SSL

I have a concern about would I use my sites TechiesBlogging
SSL along with SSL of Cloudflare, so both will get working together?

Please do let me know if I got the answer to the question as I am not sure I got the question exactly, but…

In the best scenario for Cloudflare to work correctly and securely end-to-end from your server to the client you would need an SSL certificate (valid and current) on you server. This will be used to encrypt the connections that Cloudflare does to you server. The client will then see Cloudflare’s certificate, provided for free in all plans.

On your server you can use whatever certificate you want: a paid one, let’s encrypt or one of the free ones that you can generate under “Origin Certificates” in the dashboard (these are accepted only by Cloudflare‘a edge, so don’t use it if you directly access the server outside of Cloudflare.