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How can Zaraz be integrated with GatsbyJS? (Single Page Application/PWA) Does the page view (system trigger) actually fire when the route in the browser API changes? Is a plugin needed in the gatsbyjs ecosystem?

I’m mainly thinking of marketing sites to make the funnel strategy work (basic tags: GA4 + FB pixel + CAPI).

Zaraz already supports single page apps: https://developers.cloudflare.com/zaraz/reference/settings/#single-page-application-support

I would like to see Mautic added. It is a popular open-source marketing suite. The Mautic tracking script mtc.js is especially troublesome because it is dynamically generated by PHP, its 150k and can’t be cached, so if this could be loaded by a worker it would help to speed up a website quite a bit.

Mautic is a great platform but the tracking isn’t performant. Some Cloudflare magic would really help here.

I use Microsoft Clarity for my web application. It would be really great if you add up MS Clarity.

Hey, I’d love to see a first-party integration for Intercom. Thanks!