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Cloudflare R2 - Rapid and Reliable Object Storage, without Egress Fees


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Are you looking for rapid and reliable object storage? Sign up for Cloudflare R2 for free & store large amounts of unstructured data without costly egress bandwidth fees.

Cloudflare R2 Object Storage is S3-compatible and allows developers to store large amounts of unstructured data without the costly egress bandwidth fees associated with typical cloud storage services.

About Cloudflare R2

Zero egress fees Egress bandwidth is often the largest charge for developers utilizing object storage and is also the hardest charge to predict. Eliminating it is a huge win for open-access to data stored in the cloud.

Fully integrated with Workers R2 is fully integrated with the Cloudflare Workers serverless runtime. You can bind a Worker to a specific bucket, dynamically transforming objects as they are written to or read from storage buckets.

Generous free tier Each month you can enjoy 10GB of stored data; 1,000,000 Class A operations; and 10,000,000 Class B operations, all for free!

Transparency and flexibility With no egress fees, it becomes simple to migrate volumes of data to multiple databases as needed, dramatically reducing storage costs.

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