About the provided CloudFlare Stream Player (and service)

we are implementing CloudFlare Stream solution into our web products.

2 questions have came out when implementating and testing.

I tough of posting it here to the community portal and see if anyone can help me.

1- When streaming a video on Chrome, the player loads up with “auto” as the streaming resolution which is what we want. We realized that when selecting manually the resolution “1080p”, the player falls into an infinite loop. To avoid the problem, one can select any resolution other then “1080p” then select “1080p”. Are Cloudflare aware of this issue? Are we the only one with this issue?, it seem general. ( few employee tested on their systems with same result.)

This is the embed code used (under Chrome Version 88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit)).

2- Not that we need it, but i’m curious to know if there is any plan to support 4K in a somewhere future.

We have successfully setup-ed a Worker to have personal URL, and signing URL. Those works great so far!

Thank you for reading, and make sure to have a nice day!

Hi there, can you share a URL to a video that causes infinite loop behavior when switching to 1080p? This is not expected. Feel free to private message me the link.

Also, did you try the Stream Player 2.0? You can find the preview build instructions here: Announcing the Preview build for Stream Player 2.0 - #5 by renan

Re: 4K: we plan to support this in the future but don’t have an ETA yet.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Hi Zaid,

Your answer is much appreciated,

I can’t find how to PM you, but I do have a link ready to share with you.

I didn’t try the Stream Player 2.0, I will have a look for sure asap!

Please write to me in PM so I can reply, I can’t seem to be able to create a PM as of my account level.

Have a great day !

I’m pretty sure his email address is his name AT cloudflare DOT com, as you can’t PM here.

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, OP can email me at firstname at cloudflare.com.

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I’ve sent you an URL showing the loop behavior when switching resolution from “auto” to “1080p”.

Can’t wait to hear from you Zaid, let me know if you received the URL.

Have a nice day !

Just came back to say thank you Zaid !

The problem was solved, it looks like the default player was updated by Cloudflare Team and now it works like a charm.

I won’t be testing the preview build for Stream Player 2.0 since everything works now with default player!

Thank you for quick support and follow-up !

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