About the mistake and being charged at my account


At 18:00 tonight, I have added a domain name called cuonganhpc.com to my account, during the installation process I mistakenly selected the business plan mode, and I was charged 200 dollars in my account, I don’t know how to get that money back because it’s all my mistake.
Looking forward to getting my money back

It was really a big amount of money that I worked hard in the month, for some reason, I did not pay attention to misconfirming it so that it was deducted.
I am really sad, looking forward to receiving help from CloudFare so that I can get my lost money just by mistake.


About the mistake and being charged at my account
Is Cloudflare too busy to help my problem?

Hi, please login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. Post back with the ticket number so I can keep an eye on progress.



My tichket number is 1639324
please help me to resolve my problem asap, i really dont want to use this plan, please refund my money.



Thank you, I see the ticket and added some notes and a link to this conversation. I know the team has been very busy with a system upgrade over the last week, but, they have your information, understand it was done in error, and have asked the billing team to get involved. I’ll see updates along the way and keep an eye out for changes.



Hi Community Team!
Thank you for your answer, I also know about the system upgrade over the last ween then the team has been very busy for this work. My problem is small with Cloudflare, but it is a big problem with me and make me awaiting in scare thing when i still dont know how about my problem can be resolve, i hope my problem will be resolve asap.
Kind regards!



Hi Community Team from Cloudflare!
Hope everyone have a nice day.
Could Community Team tell me how long my problem can be resolve? Its almost one day from my problem happen, but i dont recieved any answer from Billing team about my mistake. I know the system has been upgrade over the last week and now they have been very busy and my problem is very small with Cloudflare, but it is a big problem with me, please take a priority for customer first because i have been lost my money for nothing while i really need my money now.
Please help me resolve it asap and refund this money for me, it’s really important with me ,i dont have any money on my visa card to use another things now…

Thank you so much
Kind reguards.



You’re going to have to wait i’m afraid. Be grateful that Cloudflare will likely refund your money, many wouldn’t. Even if a refund was processed right this minute, it’s likely to take another three working days before the funds arrive back on your card.



Hi WelshPaul!
Thank you for encouragment, how do you know CloudFlare will likely refund money for me? Its time so long with me to live in worry, i know i have to wait but if your new is true its really wonderfull and it’s can get me dont worry more…
Hopefully CloudFlare Team will review my problem soon and give me the good new is refund my money in the shortest time.
Thank you.



Cloudflare understands that if it’s something you didn’t want and didn’t use, they’ll try to refund your money. Keep in mind that this actually costs them, as there are usually transaction charges that Cloudflare will absorb on your behalf, plus Support costs.

There’s nothing else the Community forum members can help you with.



Thank you so much for everything you have been shared with me. i’m feeling more better now.
Have a good nice.

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Hi everyone
Have a nice day,i still waitting for my problem…



Hi Cloudflare Team!
Could you tell how about my problem situation ? I dont receive any answer from CloudFlare from 4 days ago??



First of all, I’d like to say I truly empathize with your situation. I don’t work for Cloudflare, but I use some Cloudflare services for a number of my domains.

I’m commenting because the same thing happened to me, maybe a couple of months ago ($200 plan selected inadvertently). I also tried to get a refund. I tried to explain what happened (I think I clicked on the wrong thing, plus my browser was chugging and sputtering along). I notified Cloudflare support immediately after the mistake(?), and didn’t use any of the Enterprise services.

To make a long story short…I didn’t get a refund. While I hope you will, I doubt it’ll happen. What happened to me was–since I didn’t use the Enterprise service on the site in question–I was given Cloudflare credit to use in the future.

So, no refund took place. The funds were taken out of my PayPal account, and there was no way to dispute/reverse the charge.

Was I mad at the time? Yep, lol. But I ended up using some of the credit to transfer some domains to the Cloudflare registrar. In case you don’t get a refund, that’s one thing you can do with the credit.

Good luck!

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Hi Bertrekkakajadox! Have a nice day.
Thank you for your motivation. Many people like you and me feeling shock if they suddenly lost money for nothing, that is the reason we have to go to community cloudflare to explaint and hope they will resolve our problem asap.
Could you tell me how long your problem can be resolve, because my problem has been happen a week ago, but still not receive any answer or something reponse from Cloudflare team, and after they resolved your problem, Were they give money for your account because your money has been charged from Paypal account, right?

My money paid from my visa, so i hope my money can be refund to my Visa as i paided.

Best regards



If you’re asking me how long it took for me to confirm I had a Cloudflare “credit” on my Cloudflare account, that was pretty much the same day.

Granted, I don’t believe there was any major site maintenance going on at the time, but I would assume those who work for Cloudlfare billing aren’t necessarily the same ones working on technical support/site upkeep. (Hey, I could be wrong–but it wouldn’t be the first time.)

So, you could say that my problem was “resolved” pretty much immediately. I think I started using the credit to transfer domains to Cloudflare a month or so afterwards.

Again, good luck with getting that refund.



Thank you so much for your motivation, i’m waiting them for 9 days, still not resolve, not answer anything…



Today is 21/02/2019. Since my problem happen, still dont have any reviewed or answer from team cloudflare about my problem? If Cloudflare team really busy, please let me know how long can i know about my problem resolved, please.



Still not recevie any answer or any review about my problem?



Dear Cloudflare billing team !
Today is 13 days from my problem happen, i tried to take a ticket on my account is #1639324, and also receive only answer is “the team so busy in this time… and i have to wait” but 13 days still not received about my prolem.
$200 from my visa has been charged to cloudflare but all is my mistake when add domain to use free plan.
Please look my problem and resolve it for me, i really dont want use this plan and i think you know that only mistake…



I understand you are frustrated, but we are not the billing team. The billing team does not monitor the forums. They just completed the system upgrade and are working their way through requests as fast as they can.

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