About the missing in my website

Dear all
I’m a newbie to use Cloudflare.
Today I just make my website online in Cloudflare.
My website is a little popular, so I’ve got about 8 GB Bandwidth in the passing 4 hours.
I have some questions and I really need help:

  1. My website use google cloud storage to save the pictures and I’ve done everything such as CName and subdomain and so on. But When I test my website I found the CF-Staus of these pictures are all “missed”. I’m not sure if there is something I’ve not done?
    Here is my webiste: www.calceus.org
    And this is the subdomain for the google cloud storage: img.calceus.org

  2. I think may be I will use huge bandwidth in the future and I think I can pay for it for the better service. But when I compare the plans Cloudflare gave me, I found nothing about the advantage in bandwidth or balance. What can I do for that?

Thanks very much.

Any ideas?
Here is one of my images url:

As we can see in the response headers, the cf-cache-status is MISS


I seem to be able to confirm that. My guess would be something in your server’s response headers might prevent the caching, but right now I couldnt pinpoint that either. Maybe open a support ticket and they can shed some light on it.

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As for that, technically there are no traffic limitations on either plan. However that still is not an anything-goes rule and Cloudflare does still occasionally impose restrictions. Unforunately, they are relatively vague when it comes to precise definitions and it usually applies to content “which is not primarily web based or for display on a website”, whatever that can eventually mean and how it could be interpreted.

In this case you might also want to contact Cloudflare’s support or sales team and clarify your use case with them. However, a paid plan should certainly put you at a certain advantage here :slight_smile:

I will try to submit a ticket

Hi @sandycs, can you share your ticket number here? I’d like to keep an eye on it.

The ticket number is 1691601

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