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Hello.Will the free SSL be automatically renewed after expiration?Thank you.

There no “more” SSL than what you already need to have on your server. You do have a proper SSL setup on your server, right?

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Hello.The free ssl certificate has one-year limited period. Will it be renewed automatically when it expires? I chose: Flexible

That’s the point, you need to select “Full Strict” and make sure you have a proper certificate on your server as well.

To answer your question: Yes, you will be fine.

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Not really I am afraid, the proxy certificate will renew but that does not fix the missing underlying encryption.

His question wasn’t about a “missing underlying encryption.”

It was simply will this renew.

The answer is yes.

Sometimes it is good to think a tad outside the box. The question whether it renews is relatively irrelevant if he does not have any encryption in the first place and that’s the case here.

Hello.I do not create ssl in “Origin Certificates”.I use the free ssl in “Edge Certificates” directly. The certificate has a one-year period.Will it be renewed automatically when it expires? I chose: Flexible

That’s the point. You do need to create an Origin certificate and set your encryption mode to “Full Strict” as otherwise you won’t have any encryption and your site will be still insecure and whether the proxy certificate renews or not won’t matter at all.

So for the third time, make sure you have a valid certificate and “Full Strict” selected.

There’s an entire dedicated tutorial on that → Why you should choose Full Strict, and only Full Strict

And yes, naturally the proxy certificate will renew.


This is like replacing the brake pads, but the customer doesn’t want you to make sure there’s brake fluid. Sure, the brake pads will be good for 50,000 miles.


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