About the deleted domain name display

On the home page click on the website:

Domains that have been invalidated and deleted are still shown in green (√) on the control page, thus confusing the status and making it indistinguishable.

Click on Domain Management on the right:

Domains that have been invalidated and deleted are still in the list and cannot be cleared, and clicking Manage displays 404.

Hello there, is that the message you get it on the Cloudflare dashboard or in your cpanel?

Cloudflare dashboard

Well thanks for the reply. Now the question is would you like to keep the domain in the Cloudflare? if not, you can try remove the site.

I don’t need to keep these expired domains, but what confuses me is that I can’t distinguish the expired domains directly by the (√) color, because they all show green. I seem to remember that there used to be a red (X) indicator, but after Cloudflare’s site revamp, the domain validity status became less obvious. Some of the expired domains are confused among all the domains.

Would you drop a screenshot one or two for more clarity of thought

Of course you can, please see the image I provided. What is selected by the black pen is the domain name that has expired and been deleted, but it still shows (√) green. I wouldn’t even have known it had expired if I hadn’t inadvertently clicked in to see it. Because the (√) clouded my judgment.

Hi there, I read a few articles and found Cloudflare sends an email usually to communicate the same whenever the status is updated.
Check this out: Domain statuses · Cloudflare DNS docs

Check other solution: Pausing/ clearing cahce files, etc.

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