About the bandwidth of new feature Images!


Yesterday, I see new feature Images of Cloudflare, and I tried it. I see it very like, but I have some question about it.
First: I have not see detail about bandwidth of images when I used. The max bandwidth I can use ?? Maybe 1Tb, 2Tb or more in one month ?? If I have to pay when I exceed the bandwidth, what is the cost?

Second: Can be considered features images same witch storage object ? but specifically for images?

Can someone help me answer this?


  1. They don’t charge for bandwidth, just for the amount of images stored, then served (each request). $5/100,000 you have in storage, then $1/100,000 served (requests).

  2. I’m not sure what you’re asking. This feature is just for image files. It does behave like object storage, but with the flexibility of image variations of the same stored image.

Thank @sdayman !
Exactly, I also can’t find information about bandwidth, that’s why I asked the question here. I am worried that, when I deploy and my bandwidth goes up to 1 or 2 TB, my account will be stopped or pay a very high fee.
I will try to provider the images for my customers.

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As mentioned. There is no charge and no limit for bandwidth. You shouldn’t worry about CF potentially cutting you off or asking for a fee.

Cloudflare’s upcoming R2 also doesn’t charge bandwidth and that is meant to transfer lots of data. I think you’re pretty safe. There may be some negotiation for Enterprise but otherwise, you’re all good.

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