About Stream service

We are testing Stream service for VOD and live streaming. The pricing is composed by 2 parameters:

  1. Storage: $5.00 per 1,000 minutes. I understand that you are just paying for storage as it is, so if you total video length is 1000 minutes, you´ll pay $5 a month.

  2. Streaming: $1.00 per 1,000 minutes. This is what I don´t understand yet. Let´s say I do a live streaming even of 4 hours, that´s 240 minutes, and my live event is fully viewed by 5000 users, that means that I used 240 minutes x 5000 users = 1200000 minutes / 1000 = $1200.

Could someone confirm that I´m going to pay $1200 for a live streaming of 240 minutes attended by 5000 people? Or am I doing the wrong numbers?

Hey @wm.upcast — you’re thinking about how our pricing works correctly.

We do work closely with customers who are using Stream at large scale on volume pricing, so that as you stream more, your unit costs go down.

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