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I was referred to your website from the company that hosts my website to set up SSL so that my website no longer shows as not secure. I have come over here and set up the account and it shows as free. However, I am having issues with connecting it to my website so that my website no longer shows not secure. Can you please help me with this issue?

That company needs to cover SSL, Cloudflare cannot do that. Cloudflare can only provide an Origin certificate, but that’s not different from Let’s Encrypt and still needs to be configured on your server by your host.

In short, refer back to your host, they need to secure their server.

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The company suggested cloudflare as if they partner with them in order to secure it. Since the company does not cover that part are you saying neither does cloudflare?

If your origin site cannot currently be reached securely by your vistors, it cannot be reached securely by Cloudflare either. This is why it is important that your site is already secure before you connect it to Cloudflare.

You have three secure options. All require a certificate to be installed on your origin server.

  1. Use a commercial publicly trusted certificate on your origin site (such as Sectigo or DigiCert)
  2. Use a free publicly trusted certificate on your origin site (such as Let’s Encrypt or Google Trust Services)
  3. Use a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your origin site (directions available at the link in this line item)

The last option will show an untrusted certificate error to any visitors who connect directly to your origin site, but will secure traffic between the Cloudflare proxy and your origin. As long as you are using the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate only with :orange: proxied hostnames, you will be fine.

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I am afraid there is no such partnership and that could not work either. It is always the host who has to secure the server and that applies here as well.

As mentioned, you need to talk to your host and get SSL to work. If they are unsure how to do that you can always choose one of the mentioned certificate options yourself, but your host would still need to configure that and your host should actually know how to do that.

Until the site does not load on SSL, it cannot be secure with Cloudflare either.

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