About Spectrum

Hope in the future can allow Spectrum in Pro Plan or even free plan(Now is only available in Enterprise Plan)
with IP fees per month and Bandwitch limit…Like per account maxium 20Mbps bandwitch(Can be purchased)…etc to avoid abuse
For game server,it need low latency with DDoS Protection
Cloudflare use bgp to dispersion attack traffic,and got many pops around the world with low latency
It is very suitable for for Game Server
in Asia,DDoS Protection is really expensive…(OVH routing too waste…)

Spectrum is really good of new product
Hope Cloudflare can make it more cheap and useful ,likes CDN Services
:smiley_cat: :

One another idea…
Many account shared 1IP
Then let user setup what the port it need
And,Limited per user only can allocated 50~100 ports…etc

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