About "resizing requests"

I would like to know what exactly is meant by “resizing requests” and how much does it actually cost?

I am currently using Cloudflare with the Pro plan, and the only request/CDN target is image files, but when I check the “Total Requests” in the dashboard under “30 Days”, it is 4.37M, and the “Percent Cached” is 95.98 The “Percent Cached” is 95.98%.

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In this case, will the 4.37M requests in “Total Requests” be charged?

Or does it exclude access to the cache file, e.g. 4.37M*(1-0.9588) = 180044 requests will be charged?

This question is based on the assumption that once an image file has been Image Resized, it is cached and requests to the cached file are not charged.

(If all of the “Total Requests” are charged, the amount will be much higher than the budget, so I’m wondering how much the amount will be.)

Please confirm.

Search says cache doesn’t count.

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