About Pending Nameserver Update & can't open Registration Menu Problem

My domain name was about to expire and I paid the fee and extended it for 1 year.

I redefined my domain name in the website section. I recreated my DNS records.

However, my nameserver settings still appear to be in the waiting phase and are not activated. 24 hours have passed. But it still appears in “Pending Nameserver Update” status.

I cannot enter the settings of my domain name in the domain registration menu. When you click on the menu, it takes you back to the domain registration menu.

I opened a ticket to support services, but I cannot get a quick response. Yes, I know I’m using a free plan, but it upsets me that my problem lasts for days.

Can you guide me how can I solve this problem?

Is your domain with Cloudflare Registrar, or another registrar?

What is the domain?


Good day,

Could you kindly provide me the ticket number please?

Thank you

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Thank you for your response. I did my extension via Cloudflare. My domain provider is cloudflare.
It will be much better if I don’t tell you my domain name. I am very sorry for this, please understand me. But my domain seems to be extended for 1 year.


Thank you for your response. my ticket number is #3213653

I’ve been opening support requests for a few days, updating them constantly but getting no response. Today I received an email from cloudflare again, an automated email that I need to update my NS addresses.

But I can’t do anything in the registration menu, my domain is not activated yet. Nobody is helping me.

I am really going crazy.

We have been suffering for days. We cannot get support from Cloudflare. We are very upset about this situation. We used the free dns service it provided us for many years. We had a problem for the first time and it is really sad that we cannot get support.

Moreover, we have registered our domain and paid for it. We cannot use our domain for days. We cannot transfer our domain because we cannot enter the relevant menus. or we cannot use domain and dns… They do not activate our domain in their system. Our domain seems to exist in the system, but it is not possible to manage it. The system does not allow us to enter the “domain registration” menu. But we can also see our domain because we bought it. When we call by phone, they are not interested if we are not an enterprise customer.

We can understand if they don’t want to provide service. We know we are using a very nice system for free. But if they want us to leave, they should at least allow us to transfer our domain. If they allow us to use domain and dns services, they should activate our service.

We really don’t know what to do anymore. I added ss.

@salihpala1: What’s the update on this?

I don’t know what you mean by “I redefined my domain name”. If you removed the zone and added it back, this would be the root of your troubles as doing so assigns a new set of nameservers to the domain. You can confirm if this is the case by going to your DNS screen: the pair of nameservers there will be different from what you’ll see in a whois/rdap lookup.

That would explain why the zone is not active on Cloudflare.

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