About Page Rules, Purge Cache, Error 522

Dear All

I use cache everything on page rules for my website https://angora.me

There’s no problem until a week ago I got some 522 error for several url, especially Porkbun Marketplace: The domain angora.me is for sale. and /page/2, /page/3/, etc. Even after I purge individual cache, I still got an error when access to those url.

So, I remove cache everything page rules, and everything is back to normal. But the new problem is coming. My CPU usage on cPanel getting higher than before.

I think 522 error on my blog url is caused by cache that can’t be purged perfectly, maybe. I need to fix 522 error as soon as possible. So, I can use cache everything again like before to cut high CPU usage. Any solution?


When cache everything is purged, most of url refreshed. But some of url, especially blog url seems can’t be purged. Even after I loged out, admin top bar is still appear on blog front end.

If you want to test whether it is caching that is the problem you can put Cloudflare into “Development Mode”. That will bypass all caching and page rules.

When I click development mode, sure everything is fine without any error. Even if I activate cache and rocket loader (with cache everything on page rules deactivated) everything is fine. But when I reactivate cache everything on page rules, the issue is come back. I use cache everything about one year and everything is fine without any issue. I got this issue only since weeks ago.

Here’s the error notification I got. Even after upgraded to WordPress 5.1.

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