About IP Usage

First, I don’t even know what the right short title to describe it.

I wanna start to try to challenge CIDR rather than ASN. There’s one thing I’ve always been curious about and didn’t find the answer on Google. For example, let’s say xx.xxx.xx.xx/24 is a datacenter/hosting IP, is there any way that in two or three years from now xx.xxx.xx.xx/24 will be use for residential/ISP? Or vise versa. I imagine how exhausting it could be that my IP-challenged collection would become irrelevant for the next few years and have to be reviewed over time.

Sure - IPs change hands, they can be used for different purposes or a bunch of other reasons can cause the owner, user or purpose of IPs to be different.

Just look at - that was originally apart of a prefix that was never advertised, used by a bunch of people when they shouldn’t have and then it became publicly routed by Cloudflare and is now used for their DNS resolver service.

You’d need to keep on top of it constantly & deal with a lot of false positives.

Noted. Thank you. I just stick to js-challenging ASN then. :laughing:

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