About IP and Device ban

Hello my device is bloked by cloudflare. i think it’s because of using free vpn sevices. I used free vpn services for reach to web sites bloked in turkey. how can i fix this problem?

P.S. Resetting modem is not working.

Welcome to :logodrop: ! Cloudflare doesn’t block access to content. Instead they provide tools for websites to control who / where / how their content can be accessed. It’s possible that like Tayyip Erdoğan, certain websites may choose to block connections from VPNs or from certain geographies.

Like residents of other regressive regimes (Türkiye, China, Russia, Florida) this can be problematic on many levels. Unfortunately :logo: can’t choose how website operators implement their restrictions, nor can Cloudflare operate in a manner where they provide ‘easy access’ to bypass state sponsored censorship.


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