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I have a domain name on godaddy. And i have a hosting plan on infinity free hosting.
And i have made a online store in that hosting using WordPress.
And i have add the site here on Cloudflare to use free ssl.
So i have replaced my existing dns Records of infinity free with Cloudflare dns on Godaddy.

But i want to know that, if i transfer (migrate) my existing online store created using Infinityfree account to a new hosting on Godaddy, then can i need to add any new dns Records? Please tell me about this. Please.

You need to Change the DNS records after the migration from Infinity Free to GoDaddy. If you already migrated your content, there’s nothing more to do.

And ensure you have a valid SSL certificate installed on your server. Don’t use Flexible SSL for a shop!

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No i have not migrated yet. But after i migrated my current store to godaddy on WordPress, then how can i add the dns again.
At first i have added infinity free account dns Records to godaddy, and when i add my site here,then i have replaced the dns with Cloudflare dns, so now how do i do that again, please tell me.

This one should help

Additionally to my Flexible SSL comment


Ok. Thank you for the details.
And I want to tell you that, when i have enter the infinitfree dns Records to my godaddy domain panel, then when i add my site here on Cloudflare, then i have add the Cloudflare dns to my godaddy domain panel.

So, when i make a WordPress hosting account on Godaddy, then first i need to add the godaddy WordPress account DNS Records to my godaddy domain panel to point my domain to the new hosting on Godaddy right?
So after that if I want to use the ssl ,then i have to replace the dns with Cloudflare DNS on godaddy domain panel, right?

And one more thing to tell you that, when at first I add my site here, then inget two dns Records against my infinityfree dns records.
So after i make a new hosting on Godaddy,and after i point my domain to godaddy hosting, then here can i get new dns records in my Cloudflare account?

Actually when i add my site here. Then it scanning the site details,so i have get the Cloudflare dns to replace. But now mybsite is connected to Cloudflare, so after i register a godaddy hosting and after connect my domain to my hosting, then how can get new dns on Cloudflare to add and connect to my site again? I want to know that.

I think then i need to delete my submitted (connected) site here, and then i need to add it again to get new DNS right? Is this the easy way?

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