About DNS plan shifting guide & support

Currently we are on Cloudflare free DNS plan.

· How can we make it more secure?.

· Which plan will be better to us? Please share the details.
. How you will support to shift paid plan. will there any downtime required?

· Also please share contact for Cloudflare India region.

Our domain is “itdcem.co.in” registered with email redacted

There are a lot of #tutorial on setting rules and responding to attacks. I’d start there.

The free is always best until you run into something you cannot do within the limits of the free plan.

no, it’s the flip of a switch on your dash.

If you start by completing a contact form, https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/enterprise/contact/ the team can help you.

Currntly seving a NXDOMAIN error probably due to #4 in this #CommunityTip

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