About CouldFlare Argo

Recently, I want to use Couldflare DNS Server.
I’ve found that cloudflare has lots of feature so that I’ve tried and test some of that.

It’s a little bit strange about the Argo feature.
It should be more efficient to cache the request.

But when I turn on the Argo feature, it seems worse than turning off the feature.

I have two cloudflare account, one is free and one is pro with argo feature on.
My test procedure:

  1. Bind free cloudflare cdn to my heroku app and refresh the app repeatedly. --> heroku app is fine.
  2. Bind pro cloudflare cdn with Argo on to the same heroku app and again refresh the app repeatedly.
    –> app timeout and crash easily just in few seconds.

Is there anyone know how the argo works or why turning on Argo makes worse performance?

Are the two tests similar on caching policy?

I think so.
The same server, same page.
Just use different cloudflare dns.

I asked because suspect the fast one uses cache while the other asks the origin. Can you make the request with curl and check cache header?

curl -svo /dev/null https://yourdomain.com

If result contains CF-Cache-Status: HIT then response is coming from CF edge servers otherwise it is coming from origin (your server).

I’ve done that and there’s no CF-Cache-Status: HIT in the fast one.

Actually, I didn’t set any Cache policy in CloudFlare and my testing page need to login.
response header show cache-control: private

Then Argo (Cloudflare internal VPN with optimized routing) is slowing down your website in this case :thinking: assuming ceteris paribus.

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Yeah, I was confused.

sound like something in your tests is not right

you are saying turning argo on, make your heroku app crash? I dont see how its even possible or why

Well, that’s the fact.

Everything is the same besides Cloudflare CDN.
I currentlty dont’t want to turn argo off because it will be billed again if I turn on again.

The other similar incidence turned out to be a provider problem.

what do you see in your heroku graphs\logs? cpu\memory\hard disk - any error logs? I anyway would contact heroku support