About connect as a user ssh client windows 10

I have successfully configured the server and tunnels. But when accessing the ssh tunnel from the windows 10 native terminal, following the documentation I can not see or create the file.


Create the key in the windows cmd with the ssh-keygen. But the config file is not there and I don’t know what extension it is to create it. That’s why I can’t connect because in that file I have to place the

 Host ssh.example.com
ProxyCommand /usr/local/bin/cloudflared access ssh --hostname %h

And also when I run the cloudflare client (cloudflared-windows-amd64) it just opens an empty terminal window and creates an empty {} config.yml

I would appreciate help.

I was able to solve the problem. The config file has no extension. The first thing to do is to go to the .ssh folder and in windows with cmd is created with this command:

~\.ssh>type nul > config

Once the config file is created, we place in it the following:

Host ssh.example.com
ProxyCommand  C:\Users\yourUserNameHere\.ssh\cloudflared-windows-amd64.exe access ssh --hostname %h

It should be noted that I left the cloudflare installer address in the same folder as the .ssh folder.
It is not necessary but I chose to leave it there. Another thing is that this executable is not an installer, it is an executable that is opened from the command line; that is why when you run it, it will only show an empty terminal.