About CNAME extra verification

Added a CNAME to Cloudflare with digital ocean hosted app, but digital ocean says the domain needs extra verification error status. Reached Cloudflare upon confirming its a Cloudflare issue

I don’t follow - if this is an error you see in DigitalOcean then what can Cloudflare do to assist?

Yes, I agree to your understanding. But before reaching out here I did raise a ticket at digital ocean. Their reply was,
“It looks like there may be something on Cloudflare side blocking that from being verified. We use Cloudflare as well for domain configuration and there may be a loop here causing that block”.
so I don’t know if there is something that Cloudflare is blocking.

I assume DigitalOcean is using Cloudflare’s SSL for SaaS product to manage custom domains. From my experience, when the client’s custom domain also uses Cloudflare, it is often necessary to add a TXT record in addition to the CNAME record when validating. DigitalOcean will have to provide the value of this TXT record.

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