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I would like to know if my is my caching at Cloudflare set to “standard” My cache hit is very low and showing red colour at 77%. My DNS is with Bluehost and I am on Ezoic Ad Network for monetization. But I noticed my cache hit is very low and critical.

Do I need to add my website to Cloudflare here now? Because I have not registered my website here yet.

Ezoic sent me this message (Is your caching at Cloudflare set to “standard”? Just to confirm, you don’t have any caching plugins set up, and did you ever clarify with your host if you had caching set up with them?)

Bluehost claim they have but CDN. The CDN is now run by Ezoic.

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This is my main issue now. Please help me too resolve this issue.

Theivaa Gnanantham


Thank you for asking.

I am not aware of the domain name, however to check if you’re settings at Cloudflare are set to “Standard”; if you’re using Cloudflare dashboard, you’d have to navigate to the Caching tab → Configuration and scroll down a bit to find out your Caching settings from the dropdown menu, the selected option should be “Standard”:

Might be due to not caching any HTML web pages “by default” :thinking: Or, else maybe the cache was cleared/purged so it needs to fetch a new set of resources.

I wonder how did you activated and enabled Cloudflare for your domain? Were you using a eZoic instructions and provided them the API key to your Cloudflare account, therefore changed your domain nameservers and pointed to the ones which they provided to you?
Or you’ve done it individually, by adding your domain name to your Cloudflare account?

As far as you’re using eZoic, I am afraid you’d have to check for this settings using their interface.

Nevertheless, the brief details about each caching type like “Standard” and others could be found at the article from below:

The file extensions which are cached “by default” are listed on the link from below as follows:

Helpful article about eZoic caching and more:

Frequently asked questions about caching while using eZoic and Cloudflare:

Nevertheless, from my experience(s) this or any other similar combination “with cache” cannot work while having the “eZoic” ads (even the WordPress plugin which itself is codded to disable and prevent all the Caching plugins to work for WordPress and other Cache options setup at Cloudflare).

Here is my post about the files where the above is specified:

Unfortunately, there are also topics here where people try to setup eZoic and have issues with it. While using :search:, I’ve found this:

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