About cloudflare rate limiting for IP address

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Recently, we want to use the function of cloudflare rate limiting.
I was wondering how cloudflare handle the ip address

for example
if customer use 4 private ip address (AAA BBB CCC DDD) and through one proxy with public ip address XXX to access our system, will cloudflare see those 4 ip address as the same address or will treat them as different ip address ?



Rate Limiting will apply to the public IP of the client connecting to Cloudflare. When using a proxy, you connect to the proxy, and the proxy connects to Cloudflare. Therefore, if all connections go through the same proxy server, Cloudflare will see those as coming from the same public IP.

client          proxy          server   ->   ->
Rate Limiting applied to

clients         proxy          server   ->   ->
Rate Limiting applied to for all clients

client          server   ->
Rate Limiting applied to

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Cloudflare Rate Limiting supports users behind NAT. you can read more about it here:

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