About cloudflare CDN service

Hi team, I created this account 1 week ago, because I wish to move my business from aliyun.com to cloudflare.

  1. all sites of my kind are using cloudflare service,

  2. in google webmater, my sites load speed is always slow, 4 months ago i started to use aliyun CDN and still it says slow in google webmaster, I also optimised my site, cache, etc, i have no other optimisation options but to follow my competitores to implement Cloudflare service, especially CDN service, and I have coupld of question I did not understand after so much reseaches.

  3. aliyun cdn service is based on traffic, like 0.2 USD per 1G of traffic from south america, but in couldflare, it says its all free of charge, and do not limit cdn queries…really free? i do not wish to use free service, it just shold not be free.

  4. I do not see cloudflare sell servers, so I wish to know, can i use my current Aliyun servers in USA and only use cloudflare CDN services, how do you charge, based on traffic?

  5. I tried to buy a pro. version pack for test, and it always failed, checkout gateway gives 404 problem…

please help resolve my concern, I wish to understand how do you charge over CDN service exactly,

hopefully you can reply, thank you


  1. Cloudflare doesn’t charge for bandwidth, but you need to follow their Terms of Service.
  2. Cloudflare works with most existing server setups. Cloudflare charges for added features. Some add-on features are billed by usage, such as Argo, Workers, and Rate Limiting.
  3. If it still fails, open a Support Ticket:
    Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.
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