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Cloudflare Cache Reserve - Use Cloudflare’s persistent storage to increase cache times

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Cache Reserve stores data on R2 using its S3-compatible API. Under the hood, R2 handles all the complexity of an object storage system using our performant and scalable developer primitives: Workers and Durable Objects.

About Cloudflare Cache Reserve

  • On a cache miss, Pingora (our new L7 proxy) reaches out to the origin for the content and writes the response to R2. This happens while the content continues its trip back to the visitor (thereby avoiding needless latency).
  • Inside R2, a Worker writes the content to R2’s persistent data storage while also keeping track of the important metadata that Pingora sends about the object (like origin headers, freshness values, and retention information) using Durable Objects storage.
  • When the content is next requested, Pingora looks up where the data is stored in R2 by computing the cache key. The cache key’s hash determines both the object name in R2 and which bucket it was written to, as each zone’s assets are sharded across multiple buckets to distribute load.
  • Once found, Pingora attaches the relevant metadata and sends the content from R2 to the nearest upper-tier to be cached, then to the lower-tier and finally back to the visitor.

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