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Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization - Take your WordPress site’s performance to the next level with Cloudflare APO

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APO allows Cloudflare to serve your entire WordPress site from its edge network ensuring consistent, fast performance for visitors no matter where they are.

Automatic Platform Optimization is the result of using the power of Cloudflare Workers to intelligently cache dynamic content. By caching dynamic content, Cloudflare can serve the entire website from our edge network to make a site’s time to first byte (TTFB) both fast and consistent. You must use the Cloudflare for WordPress plugin to begin using APO.

About Cloudflare APO

  • Global CDN Automatically cache your site on 200+ Cloudflare points-of-presence across the world for ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery over our global network.

  • Free SSL Cloudflare offers free SSL certificates for WordPress, so you can easily secure data being transferred between your website and your visitors.

  • Preconfigured firewall (WAF) rulesets The Cloudflare WAF, available on all paid plans, has built-in rulesets specifically built to mitigate WordPress vulnerabilities and threats to your website.

  • Free DNS A free, enterprise-grade authoritative DNS service that offers the fastest response time, unparalleled redundancy, and advanced security.

  • Automatic mixed content fixes Safely eliminates mixed content issues on your site while enhancing performance by redirecting http and https dynamically.

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